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Fixed Rates Outsourcing Model (FROM)

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In several projects, the requirements are clearly outlined at the onset of the project itself. On during this case, the fixed rate outsourcing is that the right model to connect with Click Technosoft Company Jodhpur. Quotation a fixed rate among that the project execution is allotted. there's a really low risk concerned within the project, as we offer associate degree assurance that the project are completed inside the budget limits and also the timeframe specific by the Customer.

The costs that are concerned is explained to the Customer and what they'll expect at the delivery of the project. just in case there are changes within the project later, the customer is charged a pre-negotiated value. This methodology is most fitted for individual clients who are the end users of the project themselves. This technique works best once the purchasers have closely given comes that need minimum intervention from the client’s team.

Benefits of Fixed Rates Outsourcing Model (FROM)

  • Timely completion of project
  • Is highly economical
  • Goal oriented and the focus is on robust development
  • Experienced team is dedicated for your project

Time & Material Model (TMM)

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In many cases, the client is not sure about the project specifications in the first place. In addition, it can be difficult to determine the scope and specifications of the project in the initial phase. In this case, the Click Technosoft Company Jodhpur, Inc. team suggests the time and material approach. In view of that, the client is charged according to the man hours that are utilized for the project. Later, when the scope and project specifications become concrete, then the fixed price can be adopted. While implementing the time and material approach, we thoroughly ensure complete transparency about the hours that we dedicate to your project. This approach is more suitable for small to medium scale companies where the project requirements become crystallized over a period of time.

Benefits of Time & Material Model (TMM)

  • Optimizes time and cost
  • Offers flexibility in time and resource utilization
  • Supports agile development
  • Win – situation for both the client and the vendor

Offshore Development Approach (ODA)

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This method works best when the client is overseas or the project required is for development centre abroad. This method suits best for customers who are looking at long-term benefits from offshore outsourcing. Under this method, we reserve our infrastructure and resources exclusively for the client. The client can hire dedicated resources according to the plan he chooses. These are normally three months, six months, one-year contracts or those for a longer duration if the project warrants. We jointly identify the teams that the customer wants to utilize.

This model allows the functioning of this offshore team just as seamless and efficient extension of the client’s own environment. The client has full access to transparency and control over the team. We set up the development, computing and security environment as if it were the client’s own development centre working offshore on a dedicated basis.

Benefits of Offshore Development Approach (ODA)

  • Budgets are foreseeable even though the project is a lengthy one
  • Suitable for customized application development
  • Dedicated team for smooth running of the project with the essential infrastructure
  • Strong technical team working seamlessly to accomplish your project

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